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Tommy throats Zoe to the verge of cumming, and you gag your sister with your cock

“You whores will get your chance,” you tell Claire and Nina. “In the meantime, why don’t you fuck each other?”

You slip out of Nina’s dripping pussy, and walk over to straddle Zoe, facing your sister while she double-penetrates the poor redhead with her hands.

You grab Rachel’s matted hair with both hands and yank her head back to look up at you. “You know the drill, sis!” It only takes one forceful poke of your cock against her pursed lips before she submits and takes you into her mouth. “Mmm yeah, taste that sweet asian pussy on my dick!”

“I want to taste some of that too!” remarks Claire from the corner of the bed. She pulls Nina up onto the mattress, lays back, and guides the perky Asian’s hips over her face. Nina giggles and caresses Claire’s silky auburn hair and lowers herself onto Cl aire’s anxious tongue.

“Ohhh yeah!” Nina moans, biting her lip and bucking her waist involuntarily. Wet, muffled “slurps!” emanate from between her legs.

Meanwhile you pull your disheveled sister deeper on your throbbing cock. “Hurk!” Rachel lurches, fear peeking through the veil of cum and spit dangling over her eyes. You take one firm handful of her hair and squeeze your other hand beneath her chin, feeling her throat bulge as your thick, throbbing member forces it way in. “KHHH!” a sharp, wet, choking snort sputters from her nose as she winces her eyes closed.

Her tight, quivering, gagging teen throat feels amazing around your monster footlong cock. “AHHH-h-h-ha!” you spasm ecstatically and grip her neck tighter, feeling yourself inside her. “Ohhh yeah, keep fisting that bitch’s holes!” you order, shaking her head.

Rachel desperately starts pistoning her hands to the wrist in Zoe’s petite teen asshole and pussy. “AAAHHhmmmph-HRKKK!” the redhead cries out before Tommy slams her face back onto his vigorously pulsating dick. He growls primally as he smashes her balls-deep into his crotch with fistfuls of her hair, again and again. She wriggles in disgust, hands still braced white-knuckle on her skinny asscheeks. “GHKKK GHKKK GHKKK GHKKK GHKKK!” spit and phlegm fly from the seams of her lips, adding still more to the pool of slime surrounding Tommy’s restless cock.

You facefuck your kid sister just as vigorously, and soon all of you are throat slamming and fisting the two teen girls in orgiastic synchrony. “MMM YEAH! You like the taste of Nina’s sweet pussy on my cock, Rach?” you shout.

“Mmmrgl, grrrrglglgl…” she manages to mumble through the dick buried in her face, looking up at you with bloodshot, tear-fountaining eyes.

“What’s that? I couldn’t hear you?” you taunt, releasing your grip on her neck to give her a couple firm slaps on the cheek.

“BRRGGG! YYYrrrrgg…” she tries again, pleading. Bubbles of spit gurgle from her lips and nose, and thick strands wriggle between your pelvis and her face every time you slam into and release her. A fountain of slime runs down your shaft and balls and drips down onto Zoe’s ass and back, lubing her up for smoother, faster fisting.

“Oooh, I could give her another taste…” Nina suggests with a devious smirk, still rolling her hips over Claire’s now-glistening face. She throws her head back and caresses her breasts, on the verge of climax. Claire gives the spunky Asian a firm two-handed spank on her bubbly ass, but utters no other noise than the wet slurping on Nina’s clit.

Suddenly – “OH! OH! OH! YEAHHHHHHH!” Tommy roars, beet red. He manhandles Zoe into his crotch, shaking her violently by the hair and ravaging her throat so brutally that it tests the limits of your magical anti-vomit law! “Oh yeah, oh yeah, c’mon!” Tommy looks around, eyes wild, unsure where he wants to blow his uber-load.

“MMmmiiiiiiiimmm… GGHhurk!” Zoe whines and gags, writhing in agony, fluid pouring from her nose. No longer able to force her asscheeks apart, she bats at Tommy’s thighs.

Abusing Rachel’s throat and watching Tommy destroy the innocent Zoe has your cock rock-hard and dripping wet with thick, slimy spit. You feel ready to try out Zoe’s holes now, maybe even double-stuff her with Rachel’s hands still inside! Alternatively, you could join Nina and Claire back on the bed and have fun making them taste each other’s holes on your cock. Or, you could just keep brutalizing your little sister until she’s plastered or filled with a magic bucketful of your cum. When Tommy is finished exploding, he can recover quickly eno ugh to help you double team any girl you wish!

Fuck Zoe’s ass? Does Tommy fill her throat? Or something more devious?